Stevia and the Keto Diet

If you’ve been paying attention to the health food and beverage space for the past few years it’s likely that you’ve heard of stevia. stevia sweetener and stevia drops are both a natural alternative to sugar and other natural sweeteners.

Grown from the stevia plant, this all-natural sweetener is exploding in popularity, both for growers and for health-conscious individuals, across the United States. Stevia sweetener in California is a high-growth crop and the demand for this natural alternative is creating an entirely new market. While that is all well and good we really have only one question to ask about hot new sweetener; is it keto friendly?

diy liquid stevia drop using enzo stevia

While this may be a mystery to many of you that are new to the keto diet, but if you’ve been living the keto diet a while there is a very good chance that you know all about stevia. So, what’s the big secret?

The keto diet encourages us to move away from sugars in many forms. The diet functions by starving your body for carbs from sugar, causing your metabolism begin burning stored fat at a faster rate. Therefore, high fat and low sugar are the hallmarks for the keto diet. stevia, however, functions as the ideal alternative to sugar for those of us living the keto diet. stevia is zero calories, so your body won’t waste any time or energy consuming this delicious alternative.

There you have it. Whether you are just now considering the keto diet or have been living this lifestyle for years, you don’t have to give up sweetness! Stevia is an all-natural healthy alternative to traditional sweeteners that will keep your sweet tooth fed as you lose unwanted weight. Don’t take our word for it, give stevia a try today and see how it fits into the health-conscious attitude promoted by the keto diet. You may be surprised! Everyone knows macadamias are the nuts for keto diet but did you hear about the new enzo salted macadamias from kenya? They are miraculous, a must try treat for the mondays.